Why is it so important to focus on your strengths?

December 3, 2020
Ellie Louis
Focus on your strengths

For me focusing on strengths immediately frames any problem or challenge as surmountable and any goal or objective as achievable. Our energy increases when we feel strong, our confidence and courage increase and we know the territory of our strengths so we don’t get lost. Compare that with focusing on weaknesses. Immediately, we feel weaker by default, unsure of what we are doing and therefore perhaps become fearful and acting out of fear rarely comes off well in my experience.

Compare these two approaches to the same problem. One using my superpower #Bravery and the other using my far less developed strength of #Prudence. Both are strengths in their own right, but for me, one is a superpower and the other a weakness.

The problem – How can we train Confident Speakers to the same standard as we did previously in a physical space?

#Prudence – Careful about choices, cautious, not taking risks. For someone who has prudence as a super strength, this might make them especially good at asking the right questions and weighing up risk vs benefit. For me, however, operating from a position of prudence might translate quickly to intransigence and procrastination which would not lead me to a solution in the timeframe I had set myself. I think on the whole my energy to solve the problem would fall through the floor.

#Bravery – Valor, not shrinking from threat or challenge, facing fears, speaking up for what’s right. Now in my super strength of bravery, I am ready to take a risk and dare to take an untrodden path to solve my problem. I know I’m entering fairly unchartered territory but I’m comfortable there and can move quickly with testing out the solution and making it work.

I’m not saying that one approach is better than another. Just that for me the latter is a strength and the former a weakness and that makes all the difference to the outcome.

By the way, the solution to the problem is a virtual campus where you join a game and take part in the training as an avatar. It’s brave, exciting and at the cutting edge of how we solve this problem of virtual contact. Come and see for yourself! 

Want to book a tour? Take a look around the world!

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