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Professional Training in a
live Virtual World!

What is our virtual campus?

The English Classroom virtual campus is a 3D space where you can move around in a virtual world using an avatar. We use it to train our very popular Confident Speakers course. We can’t be in a room together right now but we can escape it all and meet up and learn in a virtual space.

Cool things you can do on our virtual campus

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Why not just use Zoom?

When lockdown happened and we all had to switch to online learning we were worried that we would lose the magic of our Confident Speakers programme if we simply took what we were doing in a room and delivered it online.

Sure Zoom and all the video conferencing platforms have been a godsend, but the 2D super structured constraints of Zoom felt like they were sqeezing the zing out of the experience.

Ellie Louis

What can you expect from your experience on our virtual campus?

Dynamic training that has been specifically designed to be delivered in a 3D world.

A beautifully designed environment with life-like spaces!

Sophisticated audio that allows for natural speech.

A real sense of having been somewhere.

A calming space to chat and have some fun!

Some of the cool things you can do on campus

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