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Language development courses for individuals

Advanced English for Work

This course teaches a mix of business English skills for non-native speakers at a B1 level and above. It includes the practical use and application of English in influencing and negotiation, public speaking, structured writing and checking of understanding.

IELTS Exam Preparation

This course helps you prepare for the IELTS exam that is required proof of your English skills for major employers, universities and governments aross the world. It includes exam technique and focuses on all 4 of the skills language tested.

General English for Work – Functional Skills

This course covers basic English language skills for work, for A1 speakers and above.. It covers team communication, structuring an email and ensuring basic comprehension skills.

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Professional Business Communication Courses

Confident Speakers – Presentations Course

This is our very popular public speaking course that is designed to give your people, hands-on, practical experience speaking in front of groups.

Influencing and Negotiation

Our influencing and negotiation skills course is a practical, hands-on course teaching early career, basic communication skills. it is designed to raise awareness of intent vs impact and teach basic team communication.

General English for Work – Functional Skills

This is a general English course teaching good communication skills wherever the pain point is being felt from effective meeting management to email etiquette.

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Prices start from £650 per person per course